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1903 - 1991


1904 - 2003

Their Lives Were Music

Masters of Music for Two Pianos

An unforgettable dynamic piano duo. Highly trained in their art.
They entertained & shared their love & knowledge of
music with countless others for many years.

Their story told through pictures, original documents, news articles
and personal letters.

Take a walk through the lives of Harold & Grace
The Sanfords.

The web-site www.HaroldandGrace.com is dedicated to the memory
of Harold and Grace Sanford that their love and dedication to  music 
not be forgotten.

Also Featuring Music Scholarship Awards from NFMC, FFMC &
The Wednesday Music Club of Orlando & Winter Park 

The Sanford Family Tree
The Krick Family Tree

Historical People and Important Information.



Special Thanks to Larry Shouse for his help in making
HaroldandGrace.com happen.  His Kung Fu is the best.

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