Harold and Grace - Their Lives Were Music

Alcimore Mead Sanford

Amanda E. Gilbert


Alcimore was born 1852 in Redding, Connecticut.

On November 18, 1880 Alcimore Mead Sanford married
Miss Amanda E. Gilbert in the state of Iowa.

He graduated from Garrett Biblical Institute in May 11, 1893

Amanda graduated from Garrett Theological Academy with a 
degree in Latin in 1894.

Harold's father was rooted deeply in the Methodist 
Church. Alcimore  followed  in the the footsteps of generations before
him and became a minister of the faith.
His Methodist Church was in Palmyra, Iowa.

Harold's parent encouraged his musical talent. He would play 
piano and organ in the church where his father would preach.

Alcimore and Amanda Sanford had three children - Arthur Hawley,
Luis Harold and a third child that died by age one.

Alcimore was well known Philanthropist, who always had a warm 
heart and lent a hand to the most wretched and sorrowful of the poor.
For 25 years he was connected with Rescue Mission. He held the
position of Superintendent and later that of Financial Secretary of this
charitable institution.

Alcimore died at his home 1095 Murray Ave. Shorewood, Wisconsin
in 1922 at age 70 and is buried in Jessup, Iowa.
Harold was just nineteen years old.

  Their  Nov. 18, 1880's  14"x 19" Marriage License , Diplomas and Pictures

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Garrett Biblical
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May 11, 1893



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Mother & Harold Harold with mother Amanda Amanda

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Aunt Ida

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