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Grace Winifred Krick

Grace was born in 1904 to an affluent family in Indianapolis, Indiana. This close knit family included father Arthur E. Krick who was an inventor and President of the Rotary in Indianapolis, Indiana. Mother Martha who died when Grace was a teenager, Martha's mother and father Love and younger brother Richard "Dick" and Grace's dog Rastus.

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Later father Arthur remarries. Grace's new stepmother is also her cousin Ethyl Hutchinson Tyler. But, her daddy was always there for Grace in good times and bad.
He took care of his girl.

View Arthur E. Krick Invented the process for drying timber, was on the town council, President of the Rotary, Pictures, Important papers and Personal letters.

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Pictures, Important papers and Personal letters

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Grace's Birth Certificate

Grace Sends a Kiss

Grace with Brother Richard

Grace as Young Lady

Grace with Mother and Brother

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      Family Portrait                                   "To the Dearest Grandmother in the World"
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