Harold and Grace - Their Lives Were Music

Grandmother and Grandfather Love

Grace's Grandparents  - Mother's side


Grace loved her grandmother dearly. Never heard her speak of her
grandfather, but boy she really loved Grandma Love.

Like everyone Grace had her share of some bumps in the road of life.

Her mother passed away when Grace was nineteen years old.

While in college a gifted friend committed suicide.

After Grace's dear daddy married her cousin, Daddy didn't have the time to
devote to Grace like in the past. She was daddy's girl. She did love him so
and craved his attention. From her dairy she writes, Daddy and Ethyl can't
find anything for us to do together. They never ask me to play the piano
for them. They just want to listen to the radio. Arthur always saw to Grace's
needs all the way to the end.

Grandma Love disapproved of this marriage. She and Uncle Charlie
were estranged from the family. Grace would live with them when not in
Daddy would pick up Grace from her grandma's house and they would go on
Daddy dates. Grace lived for those all too few moments together.

Grace could hardly wait for school to start. College was her home with
friends with common interest - music. She writes "I feel at home at school
they are my family."

It is not clear when Grandma Love came to live with Harold and Grace
but it was probably after Uncle Charlie died, they were still in New
York . When Harold and Grace moved to Florida in 1951 Grandma
Love came with them. She remained a loving part of their lives until
her death.

A large oil portrait of Grandma Love was always over the sofa
in the "Florida Room." As well as a 8"x 10" picture on the

Grandmother and Grandfather Love through Pictures and Letters

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George Washington
Mary Ann

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Grace's Great Grandparents

John Love as Young Man

John Love

Lydia Ann Hutchinson Love

 Grandpa Love

Grandma Love

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Martha Love
Grace's Mother

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Who Marries
Arthur E. Krick

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Grace Seated with Cat

Grace's People were Quakers

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Left to Right
 Grandma Love,
Grace &


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Arthur writes Note
For Grandma's

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Edward Hale Nephew


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Grandma Love with Grace's dog Rastus

Lydia Ann Love

Grace's Beloved Grandma

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 Family Bible

A Record of Family was Written in the