Harold and Grace - Their Lives Were Music


Harold and Grace at Juilliard

Grace was proud to say she received her Masters Degree from Juilliard School of Music.
 Juilliard was the standard of excellence that Grace lived by and which she was able to teach
many others.

Grace was the recipient of a five year fellowship certificate from Juilliard. She received opera
coaching in Europe.

Harold and Grace had a special connection not many people find.
It's been said, "You can have two people who are wonderful at figure skating, but
that doesn't mean that they skate well together".

The Sanfords knew each other - that special something that made them special in
 their field of music.
Masters at Music for Two Pianos

Diplomas, Pictures and Personal Papers



Grace at Juilliard










Grace at Juilliard

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Goofing Off

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Grace in a Scene

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Rosina & Josef
May 31, 1929
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We would like to thank The Juilliard School and People Magazine for the use of printed material.

The Juilliard School has given its first Grace Krick Sanford and

Luis Harold Sanford Memorial Scholarship  - 2004

Details listed @ Memorial "Tribute"