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Luis Harold Sanford

Harold was born in 1903 and was raised in a middle class home,
which included mother Amanda, father Alcimore who was a Methodist minister
and older brother Arthur "Hawley" Sanford.

Harold was a child prodigy studying the piano and organ at age five.
Later brother Hawley would help put Harold through college.

 Harold   Pictures and Personal Items

Father  Alcimore Mead Sanford &  Mother Amanda 

 Brother  Arthur Hawley Sanford


Luis Harold Sanford

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Birth Certificate

18 Months

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Harold on Right

A Note to Mom

Mother and Child



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Harold on Right with Cousin Hawley Seager

Leather Bound with Gold Emblem

Harold Sanford

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Harold in School Play

Vera Ward Harold's Piano Teacher

Harold at the Piano

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"Love Always"

A favorite one of Grace's