Harold and Grace - Their Lives Were Music

Martha Love Krick

It was in 1903 that Martha  Love married Arthur Ellsworth Krick. Grace was born
one year later. She loved Grace and encouraged her musical talent.
Martha had problems with her lungs for many years. The family moved south and then south west in efforts to improve her health. They finally moved back to Danville, Indiana when all  else had failed. She wanted to be near her many friends even though she was confined to her room. Martha died at home in 1923 of tuberculosis, Grace was just  nineteen years old.

Grace's family were based in the Quaker Religion.
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The Quakers
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A wedding invitation, Pictures, News article, A 1922 personal letter
from her husband and Memorials

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Martha as a young Girl

Young "Mattie"

Martha's Wedding Invitation

Martha and Arthur Krick

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Grace Birth

Grace was born 1904 Richard in 1905

Grace's Parents

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Dressing in Costume

Martha with her Children

Family Portrait
Martha, Grace,
Richard and
Arthur Krick

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  This letter was written by Arthur to his wife, one year before her death.

 Grace had taken this letter to heart. One of  her favorite songs " His Eye is On The Sparrow"