Harold and Grace - Their Lives Were Music
Harold and Grace Build Their New Home

The New House

231 East Reading Way, Winter Park, Florida

In 1951 Harold and Grace moved to Winter Park, Florida. They started their
new house in 1953 that Grace's father Arthur E. Krick would help  architecturally
and  financially to build. 

In 1954 Harold and Grace moved in their new home.

Since the house was an original design it had features that suited the Sanfords.
An extra large picture window in the living room brought in natural light when
they played the pianos. The Florida room  is where the audience sat for the
 Sunday afternoon recitals. There was a sliding glass door that ran the length
of the room for even more light.

The house did not have a formal dining room, but the dinette area quickly
changed into a buffet. For easy serving.
Right off the dinette area was a small room that could have been used for
a pantry. The Sanfords used it to storage sheet music they had collected
through the years. All very orderly in their labeled boxes.

The three bedrooms were an average 10"x10" size, but there was plenty of
overhead storage in these rooms and in the halls.

Later on, Harold would change the two car garage into a recording
studio. They would add on a carport with storage and laundry room.

Grace's father
of the Living room

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October 1953
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The Pianos

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New Years

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Portrait when Grace  was in the 
Treble Clef's

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The Grand Piano

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