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Sanford Coat of Arms
Family Tree

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The Sanfords were Methodist Ministers in the early years. They started
many churches along the way.

Visit Alcimore Mead Sanford

Arthur Benton Sanford (unknown relative) An Author
  An Easter Disciple

Ridgewold Inn, Redding Ridge, Connecticut 
Mrs. Daniel S. Sanford (unknown relative)

Harold's brother Arthur Hawley Sanford

Harold's brother died at age one.
(would have been older)

  Sanford Coat of Arms

Sanford Family Tree

  Original Document Sanford Family Tree

Unknown Family -  Sanford or Gilberts

Coat of Arms

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Sanford Family Tree

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In the 1600's
The Sanfords
Began in this town.

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Mach Hadham

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or   Gilberts

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Ridgewold Inn
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Mrs. Daniel S. Sanford