Harold and Grace - Their Lives Were Music

St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church

Pastor Mike  had a seventeen year friendship with Grace. She was so
delighted when he came to her parties. He is a gentle, soft-spoken man that
Grace just loved.

One Sunday at church (Grace was about 96 years old at the time) She had  not
started using a walker yet; relying on a steady arm instead. While unattended
for only a second, Grace fell into the arms of her favorite Pastor.
She thought she had died and was looking at an Angel. The Angel saved her
from the fall.

It was with sadness and worry when news came that Pastor Mike was moving
to a smaller church out of state. Who would give her communion like Pastor Mike?
He would always come to the pew where Grace would sit each week. Due to her
scoliosis and degenerating eyesight, it was hard for Grace to go to the front with
the rest of the congregation. He made her feel special. Pastor Mike would
bring communion to her.

For Grace's 98th birthday (like I've done every year since her 94th birthday)
I would videotape her birthday parties. She would relive her party
365 days a year until her next birthday.
It was the day after her party and it was just a few weeks before
 Pastor Mike would leave for good. I videotaped Pastor Mike and
Lay Minister Ed Soitman singing "Happy Birthday" to her and then
giving her communion. Now she could hear her favorite ministers giving her
communion everyday until she died.

Grace died on Valentine's Day February 14, 2003

They both made Grace very happy. Thank You!

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Grace was in her 90's when she needed a ride to church. The Consiglio's and Skip
were kind to assist. Grace walked slowly and they helped with her walker.
Each week they would come to take her.

When Grace started using her wheelchair full time, Skip installed a beautiful
ramp (with Mitch's help) for her to use.
No Charge.

Grace was appreciative of their efforts, it meant a lot to her to be
able to go to church.

Thank You!

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St. John 




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Pastor L. Kistler

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January 13, 1957

Harold at the Organ

November 24, 1968


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November 1,
December 11, 1960 1964 - 1965

Grace enjoyed the
ladies from the

seasonal cards 
church would Send

Thank You for your Kindness.